With cruises once again setting sail all over the world, there are many questions about what to expect and what the new experience is like. We at Dream Vacations in Scranton specialize in selling cruise vacations and have close relationships with all the cruise lines giving us access to accurate, extensive, and up-to-date information on each lines’ health and safety protocols.

While much of cruising remains the same, here are five new changes that will enhance your next cruise vacation:

  • Upgraded Air Quality – New technology using HEPA filtration systems has been installed to increase the fresh air distribution into public spaces and staterooms, as well as the onboard medical centers.
  • Fewer Passengers – As cruising begins to ramp up, cruise ships are sailing with fewer passengers, sometimes more than 50 percent less. This means less lines, fewer crowds and an abundance of pool deck chairs.
  • Touchless Technology – While onboard mobile apps have become more prevalent for cruise lines in recent years, they now are more important than ever to download. Here, guests can view the daily activities, make dining reservations, and even participate in the mandatory muster drill, virtually.
  • Enhanced Medical Facilities – Increased medical staff trained to deal with COVID-19 are on-hand and with resources needed to mitigate a potential outbreak. This includes separate air handling systems, outpatient and inpatient facilities including critical care capabilities, isolation cabins, oxygen, personal protective equipment, testing and contact tracing capabilities and more.
  • Full-Service Buffets – Many cruise lines are opting to make buffets full-service, which can be seen as a more elevated dining experience.

Now more than ever it is important to book a cruise with a travel agent. The onboard and shore excursion experience, including health and safety guidelines such as mask protocols, varies by cruise line, cruise ship and destination. While these onboard changes and travel guidelines may be in place now, they are subject to change.

For more information about booking a cruise vacation or redeeming a Future Cruise Credit from a previously cancelled sailing, please visit www.ebersmithtravel.com or call 570.221.9905 number to book with Jeff and Brian of Dream Vacations.

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