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Battle the Burnout Blues: Plan Your Next Vacation

Need a vacation? You’re not the only one. The stress of living with the pandemic for nearly two years has taken a toll on workers’ mental health. According to a study from Destination Analysts, more than two-thirds (68%) of American workers feel at least moderately burned out and 13% are extremely burned out. This National …


Virgin Voyages’ New Approach to Cruising: What You Should (and shouldn’t) Expect

Ahoy sailors! Last month we set sail aboard Virgin Voyages’ inaugural ship, the Scarlet Lady. Virgin Voyages set out to redefine the cruising experience and fill the gap between expensive, formal cruise lines and cheaper, mass market experiences. Inspired by the design of super-yachts, they created a voyage that combines the luxury of a yacht …


Ghostly Gallivanting: A Look at Four of the World’s Most Haunted Places

If you’re into encounters of the spine-tingling variety, you’re part of a small but passionate group of travelers. “Paranormal Travel” enthusiasts participate regularly in online forums, and there’s even a small cottage industry that specializes in highlighting travel to spooky destinations. If this interests you or someone you know, here’s a quick list of some …


Snuggle Up To These Amazing and Romantic Island Getaways

Whether you’re planning a proposal or you’re looking to rekindle the spark in a long-term relationship, there’s nothing quite like a beach to bring out the romantic in us. Here are five places — for all kinds of tastes — where you can sit, sip, swim, hold hands, and just take in the majesty of …


Don’t Miss Out on Your Dream Bucket-list Trip

For some people, a dream destination pops easily into mind: they know exactly where they would go in a heartbeat if there were no obstacles. For others, it’s a bit more ambiguous. You might have an idea about what you’d like, but you might not be entirely certain where you’d have your passport stamped if …


The Most Common Senior Travel Scams – And How to Outsmart The Scammers

We all want to get the most bang for our buck when planning our vacations, and we all want to find great deals while we’re traveling. It’s wise to keep an eye out for potential savings or good deals on unique items when we’re exploring other states, cultures, and countries. The problem, of course, is …